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Eligible for translation grant

Destino | 486 Pages | October 2015
Written both in Catalan and Spanish


Blue Diamond plunges us into the author’s family past from the seventeenth century up until

Silvestre Pujolà is now a grown man, and has decided, against his family’s wishes, to leave behind the country life in a small village in the Pyrenees and try his luck in an industrialized town on the Catalan coast, Mataró, where he will work as a dyer in a textile factory. Things aren’t as easy as he first imagined, the times are filled with turmoil. But his willingness to struggle will take him further than he had hoped, in an adventure filled with constant triumphs, where he will find love in Teresa, a woman who gives his life meaning.
Years later, his granddaughter Teresa Pujolà, who inherited her grandfather’s blue eyes, but also his daring individualism, will also flout the expectations of those around her, taking the opposite path of her ancestor and giving up her social position to marry for love.

Care Santos believes that she has become a writer because of her grandmother, a great story-teller, who loved to tell yarns about the women of their family. Santos grandmother, a woman who broke up with her own family for love, is the main character of this book. “I grew up hearing the story of my grandmother and the milkman, my grandfather”. From there and going backwards until the seventeenth century, the novel portrays not only a Catalan bourgeois family, but also the social changes, the industrialization, and the birth of the labour movement.


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